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That was wonderfully imaginative and innocent! It was great seeing the outcome of this project. Great job, all of you! I'm honored you chose my music for this as well. I can't wait to see more!

~Dylan ^_^

... what the fuck?

I seriously hope this is just your first attempt at Flash and not your best quality work. 'cause that would be really sad. It seems as if someone smashed the back of your skull in with a large blunt object and that gave you the idea to create this horrible contraption. (That didn't come off as offensive did it? XD) I'm pretty sure my brain melted a little while watching this. Seriously... put some effort into your stuff before uploading it. You could probably do quite a bit better if you actually spent some time learning about Flash and put the extra effort into further developing your understanding and technique. Also, don't tag songs that aren't in your Flash just to get people to look at your stuff. That adds an extra point of pathetic and two points of desperate to your arsenal...



It's sometimes sad to see that penis jokes and robot sex seem to gather attention from most Newgrounds users. The jokes were sort've predictable... but I still chuckled a a bit at certain parts. (Mostly the Wall-E bit.) The animation was sub-par at best and it just focused on the typical vulgar oh-my-god-haha-it's-a-penis joke that we've seen countless times. I feel like that if somethings going to have that vulgarity it should at least merit the tastefulness or creativity that some other works of art have. Don't get me wrong... I appreciate a good sex joke as much as the next guy... this was just more nonsensical and immature than I would've liked. Also, I have to admit I never thought one of my songs would be used in a flash animation to a guy whacking it to Dora the Explorer... poor taste in my opinion; but hey, "to each his own" I suppose.

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Keep at it!

First off, it was a well made game that ran fluidly, there were a few problems I found however. My first suggestion would be to speed up the pace, if it's a UFO racing game that's space based I personally believe that it should be a much quicker game, the racing went quite slow. Also the turbo, as everyone else is saying, needs to replenish itself. The graphics aren't too bad and the simplicity allows for a smoother perfomance. It was a nice try and a decent game, there are just a few things I believe need to be worked. The menu system was great by the way, very fluid and well executed. Keep workin' at it!


Simply wonderful!

The execution of such a great game has been quite scarce as of late and this is one great exception. The wonderful use of scenery and simple sounds added a great amount of feeling to this beautifully created world you've made. Although simple "point and click" games usually don't catch my attention, the great use of imagination in this piece or art added so much more wonder and desire to finish. The extraordinarily large eagel in the beginning to the unnaturally hairy fisherman towards the end was so wonderfully created and imaginative that I was just captured into this untold world and it's story. This game is wonderful, not so much because of gameplay necessarily but because of the world it puts you in, it's so full of creativity and wonder that it just raptures the player's attention. Job well done!


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This should have a much better score.

I'm a little disappointed to see that this isn't higher up in the scoring. This piece is done fantastically. The lyrics and instrumentation are wonderful. I think the only like, hiccup I think I've found in the song is that in the first chorus when you sing "Even if I was the key" it seems to be very slightly delayed to the rest of the track. But seriously, this is great! Keep writing!

~Dylan ^_^

Not too bad.

Nice work guys! I think you're gettin' the hang of it a little bit. The beats aren't bad at all, I feel the biggest problem are the vocals. You haven't quite nailed that hip-hop sound yet. The lyrics aren't bad, but the rapping/singing definately needs work! Keep workin' at it guys, you can only get better! ^_^

~Dylan ^_^

maddskwrl responds:



I can give you that it's well covered in the punk genre. But I have to agree with Elxor a bit. There are certain songs that really shouldn't be covered or redone that don't stick to the genre. I feel like this is DEFINATELY one of those songs. The drumming was pretty badass and the guitar riffs were fluent and clean, apart from the intro. Unfortunately the singing, I feel, brought the whole song down a few notches; particularly when the unnecessary screaming was overwhelming and a bit out of place. Like I said, I feel the biggest flaw here is that you tried to cover what's a "classic" and it doesn't stick to it's genre. I actually really like this new-age punk genre, but this song doesn't belong. I've listened to some of your other tracks and really like them. Keep working hard! You have a solid sound.

~Dylan ^_^

Hello everybody! Well, this is me! I'm a musician at heart and geek on a regular basis. I love videogames, I always will; you name a system I probably own it! I'm an actor and have played numerous roles. That's pretty much me in a nutshell! Boring, eh?^_^

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